What is Green Drinks?


Our Mission

Is to create an open community and platform for local individuals who want to connect, share ideas, and build new environmental, green, and sustainable visions for our planet and community.

Our Purpose

To inspire members of the Austin Community and the State of Texas discover their role building a greener society.

Our Audience

Just join us for one of our green drinks events and bring your friends with you. All we ask is that you are open to having fun and meeting other interesting people which have an interest in green things.







How Will We Achieve our Mission and Purpose:
  • By helping our members find volunteer opportunities, jobs, and build new organizations that contribute to the greening of society.
  • By helping people from a broad range of backgrounds establish relationships that will help them make their green dreams a reality.
  • By bringing together a very diverse group of people together.
What Values Bring us Together:
  • We want to find opportunities to improve the environment, green our communities , and promote sustainability
  • We want to meet other interesting and accomplished people in an informal environment
  • We want to build new and long lasting relationships
  • We want to create a friendly, fun, diverse, and open environment
  • We want to celebrate local green accomplishments and achievements
  • We want to be part of building an Austin Eco-cluster




Ready to Join Us?


Who can come? Everyone! Especially those interested in sustainability wanting to meet others with similar interests. We attract professionals who routinely initiate innovative ways to meet the challenges of a sustainable future. All we ask is that you are open to having fun and meeting other interesting people which have an interest in positive community and global impact.
Where do I go? For our events we partner with local bars and restaurants which have made efforts to become greener, so we can actively encourage and support local green business. Come find our group at the designated venue around 6:00 pm. Sign in, grab a drink from the bar, and strike up conversation with anybody you please! We’ll pause our networking for a moment at 6:30 to listen to one our friends talk about a relevant topic. Past discussions have ranged from environmental conservation to corporate social responsibility. Come join us this month to enjoy drinks, like-minded professionals, and community involvement!

How can I get involved? We are always looking for recommendations for who should be our next special guests. We try to invite speakers that have achieved something special locally or nationally related to social or environmental impact. We hope these special guests make the evening more fun, provide members of our community with an opportunity to have informal conversations with interesting folks, and we promote the diversity in our green drinks community by attracting new members.